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10 Reasons As To Why We Should Opt For Invisalign?

Having a beautiful and cheerful smile adds an aura to your personality and boosts your confidence.

Who doesn’t want to feel confident by having an enchanting smile? Well, we all do! But as much as we love to have perfect teeth and smile, not all of us have blessed teeth naturally. Are you craving having beautifully aligned teeth for a perfect smile?

Have you heard the term teeth aligners like Invisalign? Don’t worry if you haven’t, as in this piece of writing; we will discuss Invisalign, the teeth aligners similar to braces but more effective.

Think about aligning your teeth forty years ago… Do you know what procedures are prevalent for straightening your teeth? Over the years, with the advancement in technology, we have multiple options for teeth aligners, including Invisalign to straighten your teeth.

Although braces are still in action, there are other contenders as well. In braces, some brackets are connected through wires, pulling the teeth to align them. The braces come in clear plastics and metal. Invisalign are custom made for your teeth from fitting structures or retainers.

These retainers slowly change the position of the teeth and align them straight over time. The main difference between braces and Invisalign is they are removable and completely transparent, making them convenient to use. These virtually invisible retainers are customisable to fit into your mouth cavity easily and do not require any bracket or wire.

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There are multiple other reasons why you should opt for Invisalign. To know more, keep on scrolling.


Invisalign is equally effective as traditional braces. There are suitable solutions for treating overbite, underbites, gaps, and overcrowding between the teeth. These retainers are available in several versions to support your teeth movement over time. They are made of clear acrylic and plastic and fit beautifully over the teeth. So, if you are thinking about getting a perfectly enchanting smile, Invisalign is a perfect choice.


Lowering Self-Consciousness

Wearing braces tarnishes your self-confidence and increases your insecurity. As no one wants metal in their mouth. When you choose invisible retainers like Invisalign, it hides the ongoing process of teeth straightening, while giving you the required confidence by lowering your anxiety levels.

Eating Convenience

Having braces in your mouth abstains you from various food items. You cannot have apples, popcorns, carrots, or candies. But if you choose to wear an Invisalign, you can enjoy every edible item on the menu. Just remove your retainers and enjoy the food!

Treatment Period

Invisalign has been created to provide you with convenience in every way. Along with eating freedom, they also lessen your dentist visits. It takes between 10 to 24 weeks for the Invisalign to align your teeth, but the treatment period usually depends on the condition of the teeth. The use of Invisalign shortens the need for dentist visits as they do not require any professional cleaning. But you do need a new aligner after about 6 weeks as, after this time, your teeth have significantly moved to the desired position.



Dental treatment is considered the most expensive treatment and is usually not covered by general insurance. But in the case of Invisalign, the treatment can be covered by various dental insurance policies. Plus, various dental clinics offer monthly instalment methods to make the payments for dental treatment affordable.


Although it might seem least significant for many people to choose Invisalign for aesthetic reasons, those who experience low self-confidence due to metallic braces would choose them. The transparent plastics of these retainers make them almost non-existent.

A Brilliant Protective Gear

Invisalign can be used as protective gear while participating in sports activities to protect your teeth. If you are looking for extra protective layering while playing any sports activity, Invisalign is the best available option. They can also be used as mouth guards to protect your teeth from grinding while sleeping.

Did you also know? These retainers can be used to whiten your teeth!

Earn Words of Appreciation From Your Dental Hygienist

Invisalign are removable retainers, and this feature makes them super easy to clean. With braces, it becomes quite impossible to remove all the food particles from the brackets. Accumulated food particles in your mouth offer a great environment for bacterial growth, making cleaning your teeth by a dental professional quite difficult and lengthy.

With the removable option, you can keep your retainers clean and hygienic and can cut the cost of visiting a dental hygienist.

Reducing Pain

Grinding in your sleep gives you a sore face, and the solution to save your mouth is to use a mouthguard. When you use Invisalign for straightening your teeth, you are also protecting your teeth from grinding by creating a protective layer between your teeth.

Good Bite

Orthodontics came into existence to enhance teeth health and hygiene, not to provide a pretty smile. A good bite will save you from jaw clicking and pain in mouth joints. It also improves your chewing by improving the overall health of the teeth.

Having an excellent quality Invisalign can improve your teeth alignment for a perfect smile and deliver various other benefits. If you are planning on getting your teeth aligned for a picture-perfect smile, then do consult Invisalign with your dentist.

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