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Every parent wants to give their child the best in life. The best education, the best opportunities to do well and be successful, to live a healthy and happy life. So why wouldn’t you want to give your child the best  Childrens Dentistry care as well?

Many of us wish that we had been given the same opportunity when it came to taking care of our teeth but instead a lack of education, resources and child friendly dentists have left generations of patients without a smile. At First Choice Dental we are truly passionate about your  Childrens Dentistry care.


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Why choose us?

Our wonderful Dental Therapist Hadel and Tiarne love kids and Kids love them! They understand how important it is to have a genuine relationship of trust and friendship, she will take the time to develop one even with the littlest of patients.
We believe your child deserves the best, which is why we give the very best. The best service, best options and best care during their appointment. Because we understand that every child is unique and has different needs we treat them as an individual and work with both you and your child to see they get the education, treatment and service that will equip them with the skills to develop oral hygiene habits that will last a life time!
We aim to create a safe atmosphere that is comfortable and fun. A visit to the dentist can seem overwhelming at first but we work hard to make sure your child feels comfortable and is heard during their appointment.
Every child leaves with a smile having had an experience that sees them wanting to come back again and again!

If you’re looking for a dental practice you can trust with your child’s dental care, look no further! Call First Choice Dental today and find out how we can help your child develop lifelong dental habits for a happier and healthier smile.

Oral Hygiene
Brushing children’s teeth twice a day, flossing daily and regular dental checkups are essential for establishing good oral hygiene at an early age. You will need to brush your child’s teeth until they are old enough to do it on their own (when they are able to rinse and spit out the toothpaste without swallowing it).
Preventing Cavities
While the best protection against tooth decay is good oral health, additional steps can be taken to prevent cavities. Use a toothpaste that contains fluoride. When your child’s permanent back teeth erupt, you should talk to your child’s dentist about applying dental sealants.
Dental Habits
Children can develop dental habits at a very early age. While it is important to maintain good oral habits in children, it is equally important to understand and break the bad habits.
Dental Problems

Baby/milk teeth or deciduous teeth are important because they are what the child chews, speaks and smiles with. We believe that these teeth

should be reserved until the natural exfoliation; the deciduous teeth play a very important role in the proper alignment, spacing, and occlusion of the permanent teeth.

When second deciduous molars are lost prematurely, this can be detrimental to the alignment of the permanent teeth.

A space maintainer is inserted to take the place of the “baby tooth” until the permanent tooth is ready to emerge, the space maintainer is a small metal device or plate that encircles the tooth keeping the space to be saved. It will hold the space until the permanent tooth is ready to erupt, stopping the other teeth from tipping or drifting into the empty space. If teeth on either side of the open space encroach upon the empty space, there may not be room for the permanent tooth.

The new permanent tooth may erupt out of its proper position and can affect positioning of other teeth. If teeth become crowded and out of alignment with each other, then the teeth are maloccluded. Malocclusion “bad bite” will make teeth difficult to treat, have greater chances of becoming diseased, and later might require orthodontic treatment.

Whether you’re a parent, guardian or grandparent, I know that having children means you stay busy. I also know, with three kids of my own, that dental health can be easily overlooked with everything else going on. Children’s oral hygiene, is extremely important and understanding the basics of children’s dental and oral healthcare is the first step in helping your child establish a lifetime of healthy habits at an early age. One of the best ways to educate children about dental health and maintaining good oral hygiene is to familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of children’s dentistry.

We would like to see children as young as the age of 2 years so they can get familiar with us and the practice. We find this a very important step in overcoming any fear that may develop later.

Nutrition plays an important role in good dental health. Eating nutritional snacks and limiting the amount of sugary drinks will help to prevent plaque from forming on the teeth.
What makes childrens dentistry at First Choice Dental unique?

Children’s dentistry at First Choice Dental is specially tailored to provide your child with the highest standard of dental care. Our dental therapists, Hadel and Tiarne, are not only skilled in dentistry for children but also excel in creating a trusting and friendly environment. We understand the importance of individualised care and strive to equip your child with lifelong oral hygiene habits through our comprehensive educational and treatment approaches. Our focus on creating a fun, safe atmosphere ensures that every child leaves with a smile and looks forward to their next visit.

At what age should I start considering dentistry for children for my child?

Introducing your child to dentistry for children’s services as early as 2 years old is recommended. Early visits to First Choice Dental can significantly help in making your child comfortable with dental care settings, preventing any fear or anxiety that might develop later. These early experiences are crucial in establishing a positive foundation for your child’s oral hygiene habits and overall dental health. During these visits, our team focuses on familiarisation, preventive care, and guiding parents on how to maintain good oral health for their children.

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