TMJ – Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

Have you noticed popping or clicking sounds when you open or close your mouth?
Does your jaw “get stuck” or lock? Do you suffer from severe headaches, ear aches or even a feeling of pressure behind your eyes or tenderness in your jaw muscles?
These are all symptoms related to TMJ and if left untreated can impact your daily life significantly.

Why choose us?

We offer a holistic approach to your dental health.
Dr Henry has a particular interest in the TMJ
We will help you find out what is going on
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Because there is no singular cause or treatment for TMJ, many people find themselves going from one doctor or dentist to another without any success.

At First Choice Dental we believe in the benefits of practicing holistic dentistry which means we look at not only how the rest of the body but also your daily life, habits, activities and stressors effect your mouth, including the facial muscles and joints that support it.

Your TMJ may be the result of a number of different issues including injury or misalignment of the teeth or jaw, bruxism, poor posture, arthritis, airway and breathing difficulties and stress. We’ll work with you to pin point the triggers of your TMJ and find the best treatment for you.

TMJ related pain shouldn’t be something you have to live with. Call us today to book a full facial muscles assessment so we can help you start living a pain free and happier life.

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