Custom fitted mouth guards – Why do I need one?

You only get one set of teeth so it’s important that you protect them.

A custom fitted mouth guards allows you to play the sports you love and live life to the fullest whilst protecting your teeth and smile.

Why choose us?

We use quality materials for a stronger and longer lasting mouth guard
Quick turnaround time – Our single layer mouth guards are ready and waiting for you within 1-2 days.

Our mouth guard can come in a variety of colours and patterns so your  custom fitted guard can be as unique as you are

More information on Mouthguards

Many people ask, ‘why do I need a custom fitted mouth guard? Can’t I just use one from the chemist?’

Here are a few reasons why a custom fitted mouth guard should be your first choice:

  • Provides you more protection and comfort than a standard mouth guard, as it has been designed solely to fit your mouth
  • Prevents most potential oral/dental injuries
  • A custom fitted mouth guard is comfortable to wear and has a good retention and fit
  • It can be used for any game or sport
  • Made of durable materials that are able to withstand significant use
  • Can be used by children as well as adults
  • Can also be worn over dentures
  • Cause minimal interference with speech and breathing

If you or your child are in need of a mouth guard, let us help you. Call us today and make an appointment!

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