White Fillings

Are your teeth chipped and cracked?
Are you bothered by those old silver fillings?
Do you need restorative work done at an affordable price?
Composite resin fillings (also known as white fillings) are a great and affordable way of helping you achieve a beautiful and healthy smile and can be made to resemble the appearance of the natural tooth in a single appointment.

Why choose us?

We use quality materials and handling techniques so you get the best results possible
We have invested in a high resolution microscope which allows us to see even the tiniest of bugs and bacteria. By using a microscope we can remove the decay that is making your tooth unhealthy without removing any of the healthy tooth structure.
We take the time – we believe that every procedure we do here is just as important as the next whether it’s small or large. We make sure our patients are not only comfortable and well looked after whatever their treatment may involve but also so that each treatment is carried out to the highest standard

If you need a filling or thinking of replacing those old amalgams call us today and make an appointment

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  • Generally, composite fillings are used to fill small to medium sized carious lesion in a highly visible area (any teeth that can be seen when smiling).
  • They will be strong, durable and cosmetically superior to silver or dark grey coloured amalgam fillings as long as protocols are strictly adhered to.
  • Strictly following protocol allows us to regulate moisture contamination and the cleanliness of the prepared surface, hence giving us a strong micromechanical bond. Composite resin fillings have been known to be moisture sensitive which is why in most cases we use a rubber dam. This ensures your filling’s success and long lasting results.

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