Tongue Tie

Are you concerned about your baby’s growth and development?
Have you noticed that your baby has difficulty latching on or slips off while breastfeeding and is not gaining weight? These are all symptoms of tongue tie.
Perhaps your baby has already been diagnosed with tongue tie and you’re nervous about the proposed treatment.

At First Choice Dental, we have invested in the latest laser technology so that your little one can get the treatment they need when they need it and you can feel comfortable knowing they’ll be in safe hands.

The rehabilitation of the tongue and mouth region is critical and require a multidisciplinary approach. CHIROPRACTIC or OSTEOPATHIC care allows more relax movement of the muscles for breastfeeding, swallowing, chewing food and general movement. LACTATION CONSULTANTS will help where breast or bottle feeding as they can help finding the best individualised approach. SPEECH THERAPY may assist where speech has been impeded because of the restrictions. We recommend the providers below who can help you best.

IBCLC and Osteopath

Natasha Lunn
0402 058 740

Completely Aligned
Reena Murry
(02) 4655 5588


Why choose us?


We have invested in the latest technology so we can provide fast and pain free treatment.


Our number one priority is to create a comfortable and safe environment along with the very best service ensuring a quicker and more comfortable recovery for baby.

Our goal and focus is to improve the well being and health of you and your child before, during and after treatment.

If you think that your child may be suffering or would like to learn more about tongue tie, call us today and make an appointment for your consultation with Dr Henry.

What is tongue tie and what does it mean for your baby?
Tongue tie occurs when the tongue movement is restricted due to a short or tight lingual frenulum (the thin piece of skin under the tongue).

For babies this can mean difficulty breast feeding, causing problems with eating and digestion.

If left untreated, a tongue tie can significantly impact an individual later on in life as it can affect the structure and appearance of the face and teeth, speech and even social skills.

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