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Dental implants and teeth whitening are not uniform procedures, and you will need to spend some time with your dentist to evaluate if you are a suitable candidate for a dental implant. The preferred outcome of your treatment is definitely an immediate implant, but eligibility is decided on a case-by-case basis.

If you are unsure whether or not you need a dental implant, you can arrange for a consultation at our First Choice Dental Clinic in Narellan to discuss your case with our team of experienced dentists. If you have a missing tooth, we have a team of dedicated dental implant specialists and dentists from Sydney who can recommend having it replaced. Even if you have not smoked yet or are willing to quit smoking, our dentists can help you decide whether dental implants are the best solution for you by offering context and alternatives if possible.

The dental implant procedure is an invasive surgical procedure with a number of risk factors and a recovery period, therefore it is not an option if you have certain health problems. Dental implants can replace a single tooth or several teeth, but whole arch teeth are not suitable for this procedure. If you replace an entire bow tooth, you may be suitable for a complete bow tooth implant, but you may not be a candidate for a standard dental implant as it does not penetrate the jawbone.

Think of a dental implant is an artificial tooth that is the perfect solution to replace one or more missing teeth with titanium screws. In contrast to dental bridges or dentures, which depend on the support of adjacent teeth, dental implants are inserted directly into the jawbone. As your natural teeth are rooted in the jawbone, they form a solid foundation for a crown or bridge that is safe and does not require special cleaning.

Dental Implants
Dental implants

A dental implant replaces the roots of a missing tooth and keeps the replacement bridge or arch in place for more stability. An implanted tooth has a similar appearance and feel to an original tooth and requires less maintenance than a conventional denture. Unlike many other options, dental implants are a natural-looking and natural replacement for missing teeth.

A professional specialist with practical experience in the field of implant dentistry will guide you through the process of a dental implantation procedure and give you suggestions for a quick recovery. Dental implants won’t slip or click, which means you can boost your confidence by talking, eating and laughing louder, building more social connections all while keeping the facial structure intact. While traditional dental implants have many advantages, digital dental implants can bring you the same benefits, but with a streamlined process that gives you a better experience.

The materials used in the manufacture of dental implants are anti-allergic, non-corrosive and quickly fuse with the jawbone. There are 4 procedures in which an implant is inserted into the anterior maxilla of the jaw, which has the highest bone density. A titanium screw is attached to your jaw to act as the base for the artificial tooth we call the crown.

Replacing a single missing tooth with an implant may require several visits including counselling and planning, the initial examination and imaging of the tooth, reviewing the dental history and discussing your treatment options. In some cases, we can also discuss other ways of dealing with your missing or damaged teeth. Teeth with lateral gaps may not require treatment, but they can help to avoid the difficulties of root canal procedures and tooth decay.

First Choice Dental Camden is your trusted dentist who provides high-quality dental implants at the right price. We consider it important that our patients do not experience hidden fees or unexpected procedures, so we are happy to give you accurate estimates of the price of dental implants. The cost of dental implants depends on a number of factors, including the type of implant procedure, how many teeth you need to replace, exactly how many implants are required to support each tooth, how much insurance coverage you have and your geographical location.

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