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Our dental care and day to day maintenance include many procedures that include making and maintaining dentures, fillings, creating crowns, bridges which are all performed by our dentists.

First Choice Dental gives you access to all the advancements in oral health treatments with the latest technology. While finding a dentist online and searching for whichever dental clinic is closest to you should be considered, you must also consider whether the services provided by them are performed with excellence or not. One of the highest priorities should be to care for your safety when providing a service.

First Choice Dental is equipped with the latest technology that provides a wide range of treatment options to patients. Our team is capable of handling specialized dental procedures so you are guaranteed to be in the safest hands during your treatment. They are well informed of the newest techniques in dental medicine which ensures we can present you with the best plan. With our knowledge and experience in the practice, your expectations for your treatment and the desired result can be achieved. First Choice Dental is dedicated to making your experience as comfortable as possible, making sure you understand the treatment well and know what to expect. Good patient-dentist communication is also established so you can discuss how you feel about the treatment easily, with no judgement.

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The good oral hygiene habits can prevent tooth decay which can be maintained by the following:

  • A professional cleaning twice a year
  • Eat fewer sweet foods and sugar drinks
  • Brushing twice a day
  • Flossing twice a day to reduce the number of bacteria in between teeth
  • Use of fluoride toothpaste

Most people today still believe that excellent oral health is achieved just by simply keeping their natural teeth clean and white and that they only have to see the dentist if they think something is wrong or when they are experiencing extreme pain. But they are missing the bigger picture that a visit to the dentist is more than just relieving pain and solving teeth problems. We make sure that we provide the best possible solution to all dental issues and requirements by using the latest technology. The services provided by us include Cosmetic dentistry, pain management, general dentistry, children’s dentistry, dental implants, Invisalign, veneers, orthodontics, dental bridges, teeth whitening, crowns, fillings, and many more based on your needs. Our practise aims to provide our customers hassle-free and comfortable service with the highest chance of preserving their teeth today and for the rest of their life. Dentists take care of something general doctors can’t look after.

The materials used in the manufacture of dental implants are anti-allergic, non-corrosive and quickly fuse with the jawbone. There are 4 procedures in which an implant is inserted into the anterior maxilla of the jaw, which has the highest bone density. A titanium screw is attached to your jaw to act as the base for the artificial tooth we call the crown.

Sometimes an issue in one part of the body might be connected to a problem in another part of the body. That’s why dentists are important. Dentists focus on treating periodontal disease and other dental issues, while doctor focuses on heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and treating infections. Further, aesthetics is a large part of dentistry. Dentists get patients not only for the issues in teeth but also for cosmetic purposes. When patients have a beautiful, healthy, bright smile it may help them feel good about themselves. Some people don’t take dentistry as important and think it’s on low priority. However, seeing your dentist and taking good care of your teeth is vital as it is possible to become seriously ill if you don’t take care of your teeth.

The friendly team of dentists at First Choice Dental welcomes the patients of all age groups. We treat children in a friendly manner and build a positive relationship, so the children are comfortable with the dentists while having a treatment.

At First Choice Dental, the team provides exceptional dental care for their clients.  We believe that your visit should be an uplifting and positive experience and we aim to create an environment that is not only calm and comfortable but also assuring that you are in safe and experienced hands. Our ideology is to provide high-level care for your teeth. This focus on professional development allows us to provide you with the latest treatment methods so you can feel relaxed and assertive about the suggestions and treatment provided.

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