Have you lost your back or front teeth?
Do you have spaces between teeth making chewing food difficult?
Is smiling hard because of the look of your teeth?
Are you dreaming of a mouth full of teeth?
f you answered yes to any of those questions then you may already be considering your options. We at First Choice Dental believe that the process of getting dentures (also know as false teeth) can be stressful and daunting. Our aim is to simplify the process by giving you an honest opinion, clear answers and provide you with all the information and costing related to any treatment.

Give us a cal to book a complimentary obligation free consult with our lovely prosthetist Peter.

Why choose us?


Care – Our team is second to none in making sure you are looked after and comfortable during your visit, even when things do not go as planned we are here to help in every possible way to solve any issues.

Options – Here at First Choice Dental we offer a variety of options that suit you.

Experience – Dr Henry Mulla has been practicing dentistry for over 20 years and Peter our dental prosthetist for over 8 years.

We offer payment plans – Check our payment plans or call our practice manager who can help tailor a plan to suit your needs.
I was told I need dentures what is the process?
  • Firstly, a full check up is done to the soft tissues and remaining teeth, this will include cancer screening and facial analysis. This may include X-rays.
  • We will go through a variety of different options that are available to you; explaining to you the pros/cons and cost.
  • No rush to make a decision!! If you decided on an option we can take the first impressions of your teeth on the day.
  • The second visit will be to take a more precise impression using a custom made set up to achieve the highest level of accuracy and the natural look; it is a good idea to bring old photos so we can analyse your smile and colour of teeth that best suit you. We will assess the smile line, gum line and teeth positioning at this visit.
  • The third visit will be to try your new teeth and make sure you are happy and comfortable with them.
  • The fourth visit will be issuing your new teeth.
  • Yearly visits are recommended so we can check your soft tissues and denture rejuvenation can be done in this visit.
  • If you have never had dentures before, it is likely to take 6-8 weeks to become accustomed to them. Multiple adjustments may be necessary.
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