Wisdom Teeth

When Should Wisdom Teeth Be Removed?

Wisdom teeth are the last stage molars and the last adult teeth to erupt. In some cases, wisdom teeth don’t require removal if they are healthy, completely erupted, correctly positioned, and can be cleaned without any trouble. 

But in most circumstances, they are to be removed. So how does one know it is time to go for wisdom teeth removal? This article sums it up for you!

The following are 5 signs that indicate it is time for the wisdom tooth, or teeth, to be removed:

5 Signs It’s Time for Wisdom Teeth Removal

Damage to neighbouring teeth 

As wisdom teeth are an extra pair of molars, they can disrupt the position of your permanent teeth. Wisdom teeth don’t have a dedicated place, so they force the permanent teeth away to make room for themselves.

As a result, the inside of your mouth may be overcrowded and result in bite problems. You may also experience pain and difficulty adequately brushing and flossing the teeth, consequently leading to tooth decay and cavities. 

That’s when you know it is time to extract your wisdom tooth, as delaying the treatment can result in the need to carry out extra dental procedures on your teeth to reverse the impact of damage to nearby teeth. 

Injury to the Jaw

Some people tend to ignore the pain believing it will go away on its own, but it doesn’t. Neglecting the pain for a long time can cause damage to your jawbones as well. Now even the function and movement of your mouth is affected! 

As teeth flare up from the jaw and find their way through the gums, wisdom teeth might act differently. In some people, wisdom teeth can remain impacted within the gums. This can cause restrict the mouth’s pain and result in elevated pain. 

In worst cases, cysts can also form along these newly erupted teeth that can damage the nerves of the perfectly healthy nearby teeth. 

Sinusitis Issues

Dentists strongly believe that oral health affects overall health. In this situation, the saying might have some truth to it after all. Ignoring the discomfort caused by wisdom teeth for longer can even result in the severity of sinus problems as the mouth and nose are closely related. 

Pain and Sensitivity 

Experiencing symptoms of pain and discomfort is a cue to get your wisdom teeth removed. Pay attention to even the slightest ache or sensitivity as the intensity of the pain increases exponentially the longer you leave it. 

Gum Inflammation

If the wisdom teeth grow at an angle where another tooth is already positioned, it may cause the wisdom tooth to get stuck in your gums. This will result in excruciating pain, heightened sensitivity, and swelling of the gums. Gum inflammation makes it tough to keep your oral hygiene in check, and the area becomes sensitive to touch as well! 

The onset of any of these symptoms should never be neglected, and you should contact your dentist right away. In some circumstances, the dentist may ask you to wait for a couple of weeks as the situation might go away, but it’s always best to take an expert opinion for your peace of mind.

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